LifeSouth says blood donors still needed

State still experiencing critical shortage

LifeSouth seeks blood donors to fill shortage

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It has been one week since we told you about the national blood shortage crisis and the efforts being made by Governor Kay Ivey to help.

According to LifeSouth, the national push for blood donations did help, but there is still a major shortage.

September 5th was declared State Blood Donation day. It helped, but there still isn’t enough blood on the shelves.

"Well we have to think about whats going on," says LifeSouth Community Development Coordinator, Melinda Hinds. "Not only do we need blood here at home, but we have some weather coming in in some surrounding states and there are times when things like that happen and we are asked to help. The only way that we can help is if we have an adequate supply here where we supply our hospitals first and then any excess products that we have, of course we are going to be able to help."

LifeSouth provides 85 percent of blood used in the state and the donations stay in the community where they are donated.

While all blood types are encouraged to donate, there's one blood type that could be beneficial to anyone in need.

"If you are O- you are a universal donor, very important. You're like an angel on earth, you can save anyone," says Hinds.

LifeSouth is open seven days a week for anyone that wants to make a donation. One donation can save up to three lives.

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