ASU moves on to face another ranked opponent

ASU moves on to face another ranked opponent

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - From one challenge to the next for the Alabama State Hornets.

ASU is trying to bounce back from a 63-9 loss to No. 7 Auburn and will now hit the road to face FCS No. 8 ranked Kennesaw State on Saturday.

“Going against Auburn last week was a very tough leap for our guys, but it was a great experience all around,” said Alabama State head coach Donald Hill-Eley.

Coach Hill-Eley says the Hornets took the positives from the Auburn game and found 30 plays where the Hornets met their goals on those plays.

“I was able to go through this tape and pick out 30 plays where you competed against the number seven team in the country. On those 30 plays you won. We didn’t lose because you weren’t good enough. We lost because we didn’t have enough collection of plays. The next time we play Auburn we want to be able to put on that tape and go from 30 plays to 60 plays or a full game where we are making our plays and guys are having success,” Eley stated.

The Hornets now face a Kennesaw State team that brings an offensive philosophy completely different than what Auburn brought to the table.

“Triple option. Now, you go from a game where they hold you up and pound you on the double team. Now you go to a point where they try to get you on the ground, cutting you. Cutting the game in half. They are very effective. You are talking about a team that went to the (FCS) quarterfinals last year. It gives us a barometer of where we are as a program,” said Eley.

Kennesaw State topped ASU 20-14 last season in Montgomery.

Kickoff for Saturday’s game at Kennesaw State is 4 p.m.

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