Dept. of Labor: We’ve been breaking employment records

Alabama employment numbers continue to break records

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) -Jimmy Rutland, the president of Lowder New Homes, has worked in the construction business for years. He said right now the construction sector is hiring.

“Definitely been hiring more people,” he said. “We’re spending up and more projects that are rolling out every day.”

Construction is just one example of a sector experiencing the most yearly growth in Alabama.

Others include manufacturing, software developers and operations managers.

“We’re seeing a need for a labor force that we’re trying to get trained as well but construction hiring is definitely on the increase,” Rutland said.

Tara Hutchison, the Department of Labor communications director, said Alabama has broken employment numbers for the fourth month in a row and more businesses are hiring.

“It’s telling us that our economy is improving,” said Hutchison. “And we also see a lot of expansion with our existing businesses.”

Thirty-two thousand more Alabamians are working now than last year, bringing the total number of employed Alabamians to around 2.1 million.

Alabama’s seasonally adjusted August unemployment rate is 4.1 percent,. This is the same as July’s rate.

The department said Alabama’s labor force grew by 37,000.

“That means they have confidence in the economy that they will get a job and it’s turning out that the majority of them are finding jobs,” Hutchison said.

She said Alabama has seen some employment decreases in the retail sector and the mining sector, but continued to see growth in majority of the sectors like health care.

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