Pike Road High School marches towards first homecoming

Pike Road High School marches towards first homecoming
The Pike Road High School band marched in the school's inaugural Homecoming parade.

PIKE ROAD, AL (WSFA) - The Pike Road High School Patriots celebrated their first Homecoming as a varsity program on Friday with a parade.

“I think today for the first time in a long time these kids are going to have a chance to really enjoy being a part of this new experience. This is a first-time experience for this new school system, and a lot of great things are going on,” said Pike Road Mayor Gordon Stone.

Pike Road High School students, parents and fans gathered at the Georgia Washington campus to watch the school’s band, cheerleaders and some students march to the beat of the drum.

Those on the Homecoming court drove by in cars, waving to the crowd. However, there was a catch to getting on the Homecoming court. Instead of being voted on by classmates, those who wanted to be on the court had to raise money for a cause. The girls who raised the most money were selected.

“Each of the attendants had to go out and really pick a cause and try to find a way to generate resources for that cause. Then, the most significant amount of resources gathered in will allow them to be selected as the attendant,” Stone said.

Isabelle Vincent, a junior at Pike Road High School is one of the attendants. Since the high school doesn’t have a senior class, one of the 11th grade attendants will be selected as the school’s Homecoming queen. Vincent is one of the three girls up for the title.

“I raised money for Children’s of Alabama,” Vincent said.

Vincent has Noonan Syndrome and ADHD, but that didn’t stop her from running for Homecoming queen. She raised $2,085 for Children’s of Alabama in Birmingham to “make the kids feel better.” Vincent said she doesn’t care if she wins or not, because she just “did it for the kids.”

This year, the students on the court raised $13,000 for nonprofit organizations.

David Sikes, the principal at Pike Road High School, was happy with the turnout and is hoping for a bigger and better parade next year.

“As time goes on we want it to be bigger, but right now it’s just tremendous having a bunch of kids involved, and hopefully by this time next year we will have all of our students involved,” Sikes said.

The Town of Pike Road took over the old Georgia Washington campus on July 1 after paying nearly $10 million to the Montgomery County school system. This was only after much debate by Montgomery Public Schools officials.

Looking back, Stone is proud of the outcome.

“There were times during this past year that it was challenging to be able to predict what was going to be the outcome, because we had so many different twists and turns in the story as we worked with Montgomery Public Schools. But, we knew at the end of the day that if we provided resources that would benefit the kids at MPS and if we could get this school, everybody would be a winner. I think really what we’re doing here and the way they’re ingratiating the legacy of Mrs. Washington, it’s gonna be a win win for everybody,” said Stone.

Pike Road High School’s Homecoming festivities will wrap up Friday night in a football game against Bullock county. The game will be played at Alabama State University’s stadium. During halftime, the school’s homecoming queen will be crowned.

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