Federal pill mill trial wraps fourth day of testimony in Montgomery

Federal pill mill trial wraps day four of testimony

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The federal pill mill trial involving a former nurse practitioner wrapped of day four of testimony Wednesday.

The defendant worked for well-known Montgomery physician Gilberto Sanchez, who pleaded guilty and has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.

The government continues to call witnesses in their case against Lillian Akwuba, who’s on trial for drug distribution, health care fraud, and money laundering - allegations that date back to as early as December 2018.

The prosecution is working to prove Akwuba prescribed dangerous opioids to patients who didn’t need them, all for financial gain.

The government certified its first expert witness Wednesday, a physician out of Georgia, who is the only doctor in the country board certified in neurology and pain management. He discussed a range of topics from proper charting, billing, and how he educates and monitors patients who are prescribed opioids.

The expert testified in detail to the jury on controlled substances central to this case. The prosecutor called out around twenty medications, one by one, and the expert explained how the medication metabolizes in the body and what it is used to treat.

Akwuba is the only defendant out of more than a dozen that did not plead guilty in this case. She maintains her innocence but it’s unclear if she will testify.

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