Gordon mayor stripped of power; town says he bailed during storm

Wiregrass recovering after hurricane

GORDON, AL (WSFA) - As the power of Hurricane Michael hammered the small town of Gordon in eastern Houston County - the Mayor Elbert Melton Jr. was no where to be found, according to Mayor Pro Tem Shanna Ray.

“He was not in the city,” Ray said. “Where did he go, I don’t know."

Monday, the city council unanimously voted to strip Melton of his power and decision making authority for the town - giving the power to Ray.

“We were in the disaster of the hurricane and to sum it up, the mayor was no where to be located to give our chief of police any direction,” Ray said.

A week after the storm, some of the rural parts of Gordon still don’t have power and there is a lot to clean up. Ray wants citizens to know there is leadership in place to get help.

“I’m going to do everything I can possibly do to get help and assistance," Ray said.

Ray says that Melton hadn’t reached out to the governor or Federal Emergency Management Agency to discuss damage in the town before he was stripped of his power. She says she has spent the last few days working to alert proper state and federal officials of the damage in the area to get assistance.

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