Group meets to give school safety advice

Group meets to give school safety advice

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Experts from around the state met to discuss school safety Tuesday.

Cities including Newtown and Parkland remind many of the tragic school shootings.

“My heart is heavy. And my prayers goes out to the parents as well as the students at the schools," said Rep. Rolanda Hollis, D-Birmingham, after a school shooting in Birmingham.

Alabama state officials said they want to be proactive so another shooting doesn’t happen. Speaker of the House Mac McCutcheon created a Legislative Advisory Committee on School Safety and Security. It will help advise lawmakers during the session on how their legislation could better keep schools safe.

“School safety is not something that you can just check off. It’s ongoing," said Vic Wilson, executive director of Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools.

Wilson is on the committee along with mental health professionals, law enforcement and educators.

“As a local school teacher and school administrator and school superintendent the school safety is not new. It’s something we’ve been dealing with for years. It changes year to year or month to month but that’s been on our plate for a very long time," said Ryan Hollingsworth, the executive director of School Superintendents of Alabama.

The committee also talked about the importance of mental health and monitoring social media.

“And also getting outside of the school building where you’re talking about bullying, where you’re talking about buses. It’s not just within the school building itself," Hollingsworth said.

At the meeting the committee looked at the Governor’s SAFE Council recommendations and recommendations from a 2016 school safety task force.

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