Chef returns home to open Plow and Anchor

County Road 12: Chef returns home to open Plow and Anchor

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Brandon Burleson was like most teenagers who grew up in a small town; he couldn’t wait to leave and see what else was out there. He left, got a college degree, saw the world, and now is right back where he started. And he’s perfectly fine with that.

“For me it was all about trying to get back home,” said Brandon Burleson, owner of Plow and Anchor restaurant in Greenville.

Burleson want to Auburn University and just kind of wandered into the kitchen.

“I stumbled into the Auburn Hotel and Conference Center. The chef there gave me a chance," he said. "As cliché as this sounds, the rest is history.”

So he traveled the world learning about his craft. He eventually worked at a resort in Orange Beach, AL and then ran the kitchen at Central restaurant in Montgomery. But then he heard the call, put it all on the backburner, took a chance, and went home.

“Moving back doesn’t mean you didn’t make it," Burleson said. "It means you have something to offer and you can come back and share it.”

So he left the big resort kitchens and now has a kitchen of his own. He’s just trying to fit back in to a place he knows so well.

“I hope we are just a part of the night and not the main event," he said. "We try to smoke about 50 percent of our meat, whether it’s meat for our homemade sausages, ribs, half chickens, and recently Cajun fried chicken.”

He’s hoping his place will help others too.

“I try to find good locally sourced food and just stay out of the way and let it shine. Just let the farmers work show on the plate,” Burleson said.

A local boy, now back home, with his anchor in place, ready to serve!

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