Hundreds of Chilton County students donate supplies for hurricane survivors

Hundreds of Chilton County students donate supplies for hurricane survivors

CLANTON, AL (WSFA) - Peach Park in Clanton became far more than peach ice cream and lunches Friday. The Chilton County staple was a drop-off point for load after load of supplies for the poor souls in the Florida Panhandle.

For much of day, Mark Gray provided the heavy lift to organize it all, and 11-year-old Emry Davis thought of the very people the donations will help.

“I just feel bad for all the people that are in Florida and they don’t have anything," said Davis.

This is the work of hundreds of children from 10 schools in Chilton County. Water, soft drinks and diapers, you name it. It was boxed up. Gray sounded the public need after realizing Hurricane Michael was much worse than he expected.

Gray feels a kindred spirit towards north Floridians. The reason is about 30 percent of them, if not more, often stop by the family business in Clanton on their way up north and on their way back home. Gray plans to cook a lot of barbecue here, take it down and feed around a thousand survivors.

“It’s a lot of what we’re all about as far as business goes," Gray said.

The destination is Alford, Florida, not far from Panama City Beach.

“When we go to unload it, it’s probably going to hit a little harder," said Davis who is one of the owners of Peach Park.

Mark and his team will leave first thing in the morning, carrying around 30,000 pounds worth of supplies, 30,000 pounds worth of love and mercy.

“From everybody I talked to it’s a lot tougher than you ever think it’s going to be,” Gray said.

Mark Gray says New Life Church in Clanton has also played a significant role in delivering much-needed supplies. In fact, the church has made three trips already to north Florida, according to Gray.

Departure time is 5 a.m. Saturday, a four-hour trip is ahead of Mark Gray and his crew, four hours away from delivering truck loads of kindness.

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