Mayor Strange addresses Eastdale Mall shooting

District attorney encourages people to continue to shop at the mall

Mayor addresses Eastdale Mall shooting

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Days after a shooting at Eastdale Mall left one injured, city officials are speaking out.

“I was very upset. I’m upset at every shooting we have,” District Attorney Daryl Bailey said.

The shooting happened Friday night inside the mall. According to witnesses, it happened in front of the City Gear store.

"We have taken it from our streets into a shopping mall. You know, out on the streets is one thing, that’s horrible, that’s terrible, but when you’re bringing it into a shopping mall with police officers walking around, with cameras all over the place, that just shows me that you could care less and that you don’t care,” Bailey said.

Many families were at the mall at the time of the shooting.

“You’ve got families and kids and adults walking around that mall, so anybody could have been shot,” Bailey said.

Details are limited, but Mayor Todd Strange says the shooter and victim know each other.

“It wasn’t just an isolated issue, and it wasn’t just a random scenario. Those two people knew each other, and they had an ongoing beef. It appears that they kind of ran into each other," Mayor Todd Strange said. "It was certainly not random. They knew each other, and they knew that they wanted to settle a grudge through weapons.”

Strange said in a case like this one, the parents need to be held responsible.

“It really needs to be the parent that controls what’s going on, and particularly from the standpoint of these teenagers that are being involved," Strange said. “We’ve got to look to the parents to be responsible for these kids.”

Bailey agreed and according to him, those involved need to be punished to the fullest extent.

“We need to make examples out of them in the criminal justice system. We need to push for the toughest sentences available, so that the message is sent that if you do thee type of things and if you’re gonna be brazen and commit these stupid acts and these violent criminal acts that you’re gonna have to pay for it by spending the rest of your life in prison," Bailey said.

Bailey is encouraging people to still shop at Eastdale.

“I can tell you right now that Eastdale mall is probably the safest place in Montgomery that you can go," Bailey said. “I encourage everyone to go to the mall and buy something from these stores. It’s not their fault.”

WSFA 12 News reached out to Eastdale Mall officials for a comment, but they declined.

No arrests have been made in this case.

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