New Auburn mayor addressing diversity in the community

New Auburn mayor addressing diversity in the community


New Auburn mayor addressing diversity in the community

AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - Preliminary work is underway for the Diversity Task Force, created by newly-elected Auburn Mayor Ron Anders.

“We met one time and tried to establish our goals and our objectives," Anders said. "I believe that you will soon see that we will be in and around the community visiting with different groups.”

Ward 1 Councilwoman Connie Fitch Taylor and Ward 5 Councilman Steven Dixon have already been assigned to the Diversity Task Force.

“I had individual conversations with both of them, and so they knew basically what we were trying to do," Anders explained. "I want them to have ownership because I don’t want this to be the mayor’s idea, the mayor’s objective. At the end of the day, this is a task force that should have ownership of its decisions and the directions we go.”

Anders calls it an opportunity to make sure that everyone in the community feels heard.

“ I can promise the community that we are going to have a better understanding of, “Can all of Auburn have a great life here?” and that’s important to me as the mayor to make sure that all of Auburn feels like this is the place of hope and promise for their future, they have a safe life that they live on a daily basis, and that there is fairness in the world that they live and operate in.”

The Diversity Task Force is one of four started by Anders after he assumed office. The other task forces cover student housing, short-term rentals, and boards and commissions.

Anders says the first step for the diversity task force is to set up a meeting with Auburn University’s Office of Inclusion and Diversity.

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