Timing, size of Auburn parking deck depends on local developers

AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - A long-awaited parking deck in downtown Auburn may end up being a little smaller than planned, and the timeline for construction is up in the air.

Size and the start of construction for a future parking deck in Auburn depends on two developers who plan on working together to bring a Southern Living Hotel to downtown Auburn.

“We’ve been waiting to see how these negotiations would go to see if we’d be building the larger deck to accommodate the hotel project or if we’d go back to our regular size deck that we had planned on the footprint on the property that we own,” said Auburn City Manager Jim Buston.

Right now it is unclear if Lifestyle + Hotel Group and Godbold and Company will get on the same page about the development, but city officials say no matter what happens with negotiations they need to start on the parking deck.

“We have to be concerned about getting our deck built, because we not only have the citizens of Auburn who we said we’re going to supply those extra parking spaces, we have the Baptist Student Union who needs to get back in that property and we promised we’d have them back in by now,” said Buston.

LHG officials say it’s not a matter of if the hotel will be built, but where and when.

“Whatever delays have happened have been a function of the developer of the land, not us,” said LHG CEO Bill Shoaf. “We’re ready to go whenever we can get everything settled down.”

WSFA 12 News has reached out to Godbold and Company and have not received a response.

The cost of the larger parking deck is an estimated $13 million and the smaller deck is an estimated $10 million.

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