Anti-War vandals hit Montgomery - Montgomery Alabama news.

March 28, 6:00 p.m.

Anti-War vandals hit Montgomery

Firefighters were called to a car fire early Friday morning in Executive Park. Once the fire was out, the true meaning of the fire was revealed. It was a calling card by a terrorist group to announce what they had done at a Naval Recruiting Headquarters. It's the first graphic sign of anti-war sentiment to hit the Capitol City.

They left behind messages calling for an end to the war and to stop the killing. Each vehicle sprayed with a bright orange paint and signed "ELF". "Which is the Earth Liberation Front." says Senior FBI Agent, Sharon Ormsby, "It is a group that has conducted this kind of activity in the past, and it's very close to the M.O. they have used across the country in terms of setting vehicles on fire and defacing vehicles with graffiti." Investigators spent the day collecting evidence. They won't say if surveillance cameras caught the vandals on tape or if they left a lot of clues behind. But they do believe this is the work of ELF.

Ormsby says, "It would lead to me to believe that this could be an associate or member of that organization but I couldn't say that for sure it could be somebody for lack of a better description a wannabe."
Friday afternoon, in response to an e-mail requesting an interview, ELF did claim responsibility saying: "We can not speak to the motivations of the particular ELF action, but it sounds like the building was targeted as a symbol of the United States war machine. There have been other anti-war direct actions claimed by other groups in the past couple of weeks and we wouldn't be surprised to see this type of activity increase."

Ironically Friday's vandalism targeted nondescript government vehicles, the only thing denoting them as government cars, their tags. While just a few feet away the symbol of the U.S. Navy, a miniature Blue Angel jet, sat untouched.

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