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UPDATED: Police called to councilwoman's house over 80 times since 2005

Janis Fullilove (file photo) Janis Fullilove (file photo)

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Memphis police officers have responded to Memphis City Councilwoman Janis Fullilove's home 84 times over the past five years.  According to police records, that's an average of more than one 911 call per month.

In the most recent incident, officers responded on Saturday to a domestic disturbance complaint at Fullilove's home. While the investigation is ongoing, no one was charged, because both Fullilove and her husband, Vernon Chalmers, accused each other of assault. Neither had injuries, and police couldn't determine who was the aggressor.

Records show Saturday's call was not an isolated incident. The pattern of police activity at Fullilove's home dates back to 2005, averaging around 17 calls per year, with 15 different kinds of calls logged.

The first call was a fight at the residence. Other calls include hang ups, a call regarding an armed party, calls for ambulances, one other domestic violence call, armed robbery, disturbance calls, complaints and wellness checks.

Most of the calls were classified as DPATs, meaning Directive Patrol. Usually, a Directive Patrol is initiated after an incident has occurred at someone's home or business.Officers who ride in the ward where that incident occurred will check that location or general area for suspicious activity between calls an a proactive measure.

For example, if someone's home was burglarized several different times, an officer will ride through that area checking for suspicious activity or people.

The bulk of Fullilove's calls were in December of 2009, starting just one week after she pleaded guilty to a series of driving charges from refusing a breathalyzer to illegally obtaining a driver's license.  Most of those calls were DPATs.

According to the Memphis Police Department's Annual Report, the total cost of operations including materials, supplies and personnel was nearly $208 million in 2009.  That figure does not include costs for building construction.

Last year, police answered more than 940,000 calls, which averages out to $221 per call.  Using that figure, 84 calls to an individual's home would cost approximately $18,564.

Action News 5 made attempts to make contact with Fullilove for a response to this story, but she has not responded.

But Fullilove has made comments on Facebook that she's been going through a lot, and that she will be writing a book about it to be released next year.

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