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October 26, 10:55 p.m.

CSX Train Derails in Shorter

The clean-up is underway after a CSX train jumped its tracks in Macon County Saturday. To make matters worse, the train was carrying hazardous materials. It was headed to Atlanta and derailed near the town of Shorter. No one was hurt, but the clean-up may take a while.

"This is what we call a general pile up, cars just stacked up," says Gary Sease, a CSX spokesman. Almost two dozen cars lie twisted and crumpled like coke cans.

Sease says, "we had 24 cars out of a 98 car train derailed, including two hazardous materials cars that were breached and eventually burned off their product during the night."

Officals with the Center of Toxicolgy and Enviromental Health have been on the scene testing air and water samples and say the danger has passed without any evacuations. They will stay on site until cleanup is complete.

"Those materials were vinyl acetate and methelethylketone both of these are industrial solvents used in a number of household products," Sease says. The fire was still burning 24 hours after the initial crash. Now, crews are trying to determine the cause of the derailment and working to make sure it doesn't happen again.

That train originated in New Orleans and had just stopped in Montgomery to change crews. CSX officials say the track was expected to be restored for restricted speed travel by midnight Sunday.

Reporter: Debbie Williams

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