Amendment Two recount likely for Nov. 29 - Montgomery Alabama news.

November 11, 11:49am

Amendment Two recount likely for Nov. 29

With an amendment to delete segregation-era language from Alabama's Constitution headed toward defeat by a narrow margin, state officials say an automatic recount would likely be set for November 29th.

A spokesman for Secretary of State Nancy Worley said the attorney general's office issued an advisory opinion stating such a recount should be held after the completion of the statewide election canvass on November 24th. Unofficial returns showed Amendment Two trailed by two-thousand-494 votes out of the one-point-38 million cast last week. A new state law mandates a recount when an amendment is defeated by fewer than one-half of a percent, and Amendment Two was within that margin.

Officials are still tallying provisional ballots cast on November second, but it did not appear there were enough votes to change the outcome of the unofficial count. Even if a recount fails to change the vote, lawmakers have already introduced legislation to place a reworked version of Amendment Two before voters.

Courtesy: Alabama Associated Press

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