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February 2, 2005

Autaugaville Woman Charged with Domestic Violence

32-year-old Sandra Nixon Thompkins is in jail  charged with First Degree Domestic Violence.

Police in Prattville say she got into an argument with her husband in front of a home at 206  Meharry Street. Police say  Thompkins ran over her husband, 37-year-old  Gene Earl Thompkins, and dragged him to the bottom of a hill on the deadend street.

Mr. Robert Smith, Jr. lives next door. He says he heard the couple arguing Tuesday night around 9:50  and came outside to see what the comotion was all about.  "Him and his friend was standing there still talking and in a few minutes she stomped it, put it down in gear and stomped it and the next thing you know she just hit it, bump, and he was hollering,' said Smith.

 A news release from Prattville Police  indicates Sandra Thompkins dragged her husband 415 feet to the bottom of the hill.  Smith says he saw it all and ran down the hill to see if he could help. 

"When I got down there to the bottom of the hill he was laying there in the middle of the street. My wife and my son, us three were down there and i said oh lord, he ain't gonna make it. He began to tell me yes I will if you pray for me. I just kneeled down and broke down in tears and starting praying for him."

At last check Gene Earl Thompkins was in critical condition at Jackson Hospital in Montgomery.  Sandra Thompkins is in jail on $10,000 bond. 

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