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Missing and Forgotten; Seven Central Alabamians Gone Without A Trace

Jessica Linderman Jessica Linderman
Amanda Bailey Amanda Bailey
Eddie Grady, Jr. Eddie Grady, Jr.
Jessica Scruggs. Jessica Scruggs.
Margot Etheridge. Margot Etheridge.

For every person who becomes an object of intense media coverage, there are dozens more who go missing and little is said about them. WSFA found seven cases here in Alabama that have slipped below the radar. We call them missing and possibly forgotten.

The Jennifer Wilbanks case is the latest in which national media have focused on one missing person. Others just like her, Chandra Levy, Lacy Petersen, Lori Hacking all part of our 21st century psyche. But what about those who are also missing and seemingly forgotten?

There are seven people from Central Alabama who went missing recently just like Jennifer Wilbanks.

Fourteen year old Jessica Jean Linderman went missing three weeks ago from Trussville. She's 14, five-two and 140 pounds, a redhead with brown eyes.

Amanda Bailey's family last saw her in Montgomery January 20th. She's 17, about 5-6, 145 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes.

37 year old Eddie Grady Junior disappeared from Lightwood Road in Elmore County January 28th. He's 5-9, 165 pounds with black hair and brown eyes.

Jessica Scruggs went missing from Millbrook on Christmas Day last year. The 17-year old stands 5-1, she weighs about 100 pounds with black hair and blue eyes.

Margot Etheridge was last seen driving her mother's Honda Accord in Butler February 1st. She is 17 years old, 5-8, 130 pounds with brown hair and eyes.

22 year old Julia Pearson was driving a 95 Nissan Maxima last September when she disappeared. She's 5-4, 115 pounds, and she has blond hair and brown eyes.

Laquanta Riley has missed two straight Christmases. She disappeared December 7th, 2003. The now 22 year old Riley stands 5-8, 200 pounds. She was last seen getting into a car from her eastside Montgomery home.

Each one of these cases have different circumstances.

For instance, Jessica Linderman may have disappeared with a Hispanic man. Amanda Bailey got into an unknown car. Eddie Grady Jr. was involved in an accident. Jessica Scruggs was last seen at home. So it's important for us to keep their images in front of you.

As searchers look for Jennifer Wilbanks, you might also keep these people in mind.

All of our information on these missing people came from the ABI database. You can search it for additional missing persons cases when you click here.

Reporter: Chris Holmes

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation Missing Children and Adults Database.

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