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Normandale Mall Will Get Facelift, New Stores

A west Montgomery landmark is getting a facelift. The old Normandale shopping center off Norman Bridge Road has a new owner. And he is promising big things for an area that has known only deterioration in the last 30 years.

Normandale used to be the "in" place to shop back in the 50's and 60's. The city's fashionable stores were located there. It may never be that way again, but its new owner says he wants to make it far better than what it is now.

New owner, Harsimran Sabharwal, says, "It's not going down anymore after we purchase it. Our expertise is after it has gone down we bring it back to life again."

Sabharwal says, "What we intend to do is use the parking lot to build town houses all along the back."

There are 64, three bedroom - one and a half bath townhouses planned for the parking lot behind the Normandale stores, which will be for sale or for rent.

Sabharwal purchased all of the Normandale property six months ago, with the exception of the Jack-Pot bingo building. All the rest he plans to fill and develop.

This type of development isn't new for him. He says he's been buying abandoned buildings and shopping centers in other cities for the past 25 years.

Sabharwal says, "This is my goal to do this and we'll make it a success. I'm 100 percent confident it's going to be done. I've done it in the past in 25 years, always success. That's my second name always success."

The owner plans to fill the 15 vacant stores in Normandale. His plans also call for a new strip mall and drive in restaurant behind Compass Bank.

The project is expected to be complete in 18 months. The City Council has approved the zoning changes in Normandale for the self storage facility.

Next month the Council will take up the zoning changes for the townhouses there and in another project.

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