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Alabama road signs in Massachusetts?

EASTHAMPTON, Mass.(AP)_ The highway signs at the intersection of Routes 10 and 141 might make you think you'd taken a wrong turn and wound up in the Deep South. (Photo at bottom of page)

Amid the staid Yankee surroundings of this western Massachusetts town, the recently installed signs bear the outline of the state of Alabama, squashed to fit the square shape.

The incorrect signs had been up about a week when Joe Pipczynski, Easthampton's superintendent of public works, was alerted by a state Highway Department worker.

Pipczynski spoke to city officials and consulting engineers and came up with a theory. He believes the contractor opened the federal manual governing the appearance of highway signs.

The example there shows a sign for Route 21 in Alabama, including an outline of the state surrounding the numbers. In Massachusetts, the signs are supposed to be simple black numbers on a white background.

Pipczynski thinks the contractor's staffers sent the example to the sign maker and got exactly what they asked for. But the contractor, A. Pereira Construction Co. of Ludlow, doesn't know what happened.

"We didn't really question it, because the numbers were correct," company spokesman Roger Remy said. Mike Superson is co-owner of a Big E's Supermarket, which is right next to the signs.

"I looked at them 100 times since they put them up," he told The Boston Globe.

"This is the first I've heard of this." The signs will be replaced as soon as possible, Remy said. __________________________________________

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"A contractor who can read well - $40.,000
 An order for new road signs - $240,000
 Sending subliminal messages - PRICELESS!!" - D.B.

"Maybe we did win the war!" - Patrick

"Hey, in Massachusetts you're lucky if there is a road sign at all!" - Yankee

"Massachusetts -- The new Heart of Dixie?" - Larry

"Wake me up when we get out of Alabama!" - Dion

"Granny, whyd did we move way up here?" - Debbie

"Alabama the beautiful.  Apparently everyone thinks so." - Wanda

"Keep your Mass to yourself.  We're going home!" - Ray

"Just can't hide that Alabama Pride!!" - Clara

"At least the people in Alabama know where they are!" - Sallie

"Who ever said you can't get there from here?" - Katie

"I knew the Big Dig was big, but NOT that big!"- Eugene

"What is the only thing Alabama and Massachusetts have in common?  Two road signs!" - James

"Today, Easthampton, Tomorrow: Canada!" - Joseph

"Senator Edward Kennedy - Working for Alabama?"- Kathy

"Signs made by the lowest bidder." - John

"Only in Robert E. Lee's dreams did the South get so far!"- Amanda

"I wish I were in Dixie." - Warrick

"If these signs stay up for 10 years doesn't that mean we own  Massachusetts. We always said the South was going to do it again,we are just being a little smarter this time." - Dale

"Shhh!  We don't tell Massachusetts they've been annexed until NEXT week!!" - C.B.

"Guess Gov. Riley has cost so many state workers their jobs that he's having to sell state roads now." - Gary

"I've heard of eminent domain but THIS is ridiculous!!" - Brenda

"My home in Alachusetts." - Michael

"See, Alabama is something to be proud of.  So proud, people steal our signs." - Kristen

"Does Massachusetts really look like that?" - Lenore

"And they say Southerners don't have an education?" - Jonathan

"Got map?" - Karen

"You can't get THERE from here!!" - Debra

"Just another way to show where SSG needed to stay!!" - Melissa

"It's been said that the South would rise again, but that's too far!!!" - Melanie

"Go West to go East or go North to go South? And they say Alabama is a little backwards?" - K.S.

"Alabama...must be popular." - April

"Are we there yet?" - Missy

"All signs point home." - Leslie

"I thought we left Alabama eight hours ago!" - Margaret

"Yup, ya can take the gal outta Alabama, but ya can't take Alabama outta the gal...even way up he-ah!!"- PJ

"I don't think we are in Massachusetts any more." - Bri

"I knew I should have turned left in Albuquerque!" - C.L.

"Sweet Home Alabama! At Plymouth Rock?" - Brad

"Boston Tea Party made sweeter." - April

"How about that?" - David

"Well, looks like they really Mass'd this one up good." - Mariann

"Wish we were there." - DB

"Darn Mapquest. Got me lost again!" - Kenny

"Hey, when did they move the Mason-Dixon line?" - Sandy

"Stars fell on Massachusetts." - Courtney

"I knew everybody wanted to be down with the South." - Myiesha

"The South shall rise again!" - Juanireen

"On the road to Waffle House." - Jon

"What is your state of mind?" - Mattie

"Detour anyone?" - Helen

"'Faux' Bama is no substitution for the original and we've got the only one made!! "- Debbie

"Sweet Home Alabama! Don't you love it?- Melanie

"Why men SHOULD ask for directions" - Teri

"We no longer have to use turn signals!" - Ernie

"What planet am I on?" - Melissa

"Toto. We're not in Massachusetts anymore." - Nathan

"Go straight for two days, and you will be there!" - Tim

"I knew we took a wrong turn." - Chris

"Do you know where you are?" - Lisa

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