Two People Killed in Highway 231 Accident - Montgomery Alabama news.

Two People Killed in Highway 231 Accident

Three generations of one family were almost home when the unexpected happened. "The vehicle was traveling north in the outside lane. The driver lost control," says Trooper Donald Frazier.

State Troopers say a 15 year old girl was driving. She lost control of the car and it overturned. Trooper Frazier says, "There was a witness following the vehicle. He stopped. He's the one who said the vehicle flipped several times."

Her grandparents were thrown out of the car and killed. "There were six people total in the vehicle at the time of the accident," says Frazier.

Also in the car, the girl's father, her 12 year old brother and 3 year old sister. "We know the driver was wearing her seatbelt at the time, and there is a child seat in the car. The child is in good shape. So, we are pretty sure the child was in the car seat," stated Trooper Frazier.

Troopers shut down 231 North while they worked the accident. They re-routed traffic along one of the southbound lanes. Traffic is back to normal, but it may take a while for the family to regain normalcy after loosing two loving grandparents so close to the holidays.

66 year old Katherine Bishop and 69 year old Dennis Bishop both of Montgomery died in that accident. We're told the other passengers suffered only minor injuries.

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