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Three Shot at Rose Supper Club; Owner Says AK-47's Used

Montgomery streets turned into a shooting gallery early Monday morning, with no fewer than five people falling victim to gunfire.

Three of those came at the Rose Supper Club about 2 a.m. Nobody knows why the gunfire erupted, but the club's owner says somebody had some heavyweight firepower.

Richard "Squirrel" Thomas is more than a little frustrated.

"We opened up expecting black and white people...not animals," he said.

Early Monday brought another controversy for his club - three people shot outside his place after a strange dispute.

"We can't do nothing except get a tag number, try to get their name, get a look at 'em, we got a video of 'em," he said.

Thomas says the club was open for its usual Sunday night party with 175 people attending when some Riverside men brought two whites inside. Nobody knows if the fight started inside or outside - or what it was about.

"Ain't no tellin'," he said.

But Thomas says when tempers boiled over, the shooters got out some heavy firepower.

"The white guys went to their car in the trunk and got out their AK-47's and went down the street shooting at these guys," Thomas explained.

Three men were hit, all with non life threatening injuries. It's the second big controversy in two months for the Rose.

The city shut the club down after it allowed too many people inside at Thanksgiving. Thomas says it means bad tidings in the New Year.

"We're gonna lose business, especially my happy hour," Thomas said.

A bigger concern is how Mayor Bright and City Council will react. Thomas says he can't control what happens outside the club.

"What can I do?," he asked. "If you tell me what I can do, I would do it."

Police have identified all three victims in the shooting. They are Martin King, Christopher Davidson and Willie Mclean. Investigators say all three tell different stories and none are cooperating.

We wanted to speak with Mayor Bright about the shootings, but but he did not return our calls.

Reporter: Chris Holmes

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