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February 3, 2006

Student-Athlete's Mouth Gets Him In Trouble

Just yesterday the WSFA 12 Sports team publicly recognized Demond Washington for a job well done, a plaque honoring Washington's 'Athlete of the Week' honors last fall.

Today, Washington is getting a different kind of notice, one the Tallassee city school superintendent believes the football player regrets.

"I'm sure he wished he had not done that, wished he could take his words back," said James Jeffers.

We're told Washington spoke into the P-A system in the school and allegedly said, 'I hate white people and I'm going to kill them all!'

"There were some words expressed to that affect," said Jeffers.

Superintendent Jeffers says it's not unusual to have students drift in and out of the main office at Tallassee High School. In fact, some actually help the school secretary answer the phones and make school announcements. Jeffers wouldn't get into specifics but did say Washington is not attending classes right now.

"Under the rules he can come back to class once he's completed his time," Jeffers said.

As of tonight, Demond Washington won't face any legal charges because Tallassee Police and school officials believe Washington didn't mean what he said. A case of immaturity perhaps.

"Some thought he was playing around. He didn't have any idea the PA was on. Some think he might have said in intentionally but I find that hard to believe. That's just my opinion," said Jeffers.

School officials declined to allow Washington tell his side of the story and he couldn't be reached for comment off campus.

Washington is an 11th grader. He played three positions for the Tallassee High School football team last fall and scored 27 touchdowns.

Reporter: Bryan Henry

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