Former Governor's Grave Vandalized - Montgomery Alabama news.

Former Governor's Grave Vandalized

Vandals hit the grave site of an Alabama Governor in the last few days causing thousands of dollars in damages.

Police say the vandals overturned the statue marking the grave of former Governor Willam Oates, who served two years as Governor starting in 1894. Graves lost an arm in the Civil War and passionately supported what historians called the lost cause after its end.

Police don't know why the vandals hit his grave. Rickie Brunner is with the Alabama Department of Archives and History.

She says, "I don't know if there are people who actually realized who he was. They may have not liked the inscription on his tomb."

Oates was the first man to win the governorship while serving in the United States. Congress. Bob Riley was second. Police have few leads in the case.

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