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State Sorts Through Wallace Memorabilia

     Here's some news for Alabama history buffs.  State archivists are digging through piles of memorabilia from the era of Governors George and Lurleen Wallace.  The Wallace Foundation recently donated the items.  The collection won't be available to the public for a couple of years.

    In the state warehouse, archivists are digging though boxes and boxes of the duo's history.   Registrar Linda Overman says there are lots of plaques and awards in the piles.  She also says,  "None of us had an idea how large this collection was because it was in a warehouse."   Officials call the collection a portal into two of the state's most influential politicians.

     Among the items are portraits donated by amateur photographers and personal items used by George Wallace.  There are items for someone with a handicap and plenty of campaign materials.  Furniture, Lurleen's fishing boat, and paintings are also in the warehouse.  Overman says they'll sort through it all to create an overall picture of the couple's lives.  "It documents he and Lurleen's time as important political figures in the state of Alabama."

    Officials also say they'll determine the significance of each item by interviewing Wallace family and friends to determine what part each item may have played in history. They hope to have all of the items sorted and categorized within the next five years.  They're developing an exhibit for the state history museum and folks wishing to do research will eventually have access to many of the materials as well. 


Reporter:  Stacy Neumann

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