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Teenager Charged With Trying to Murder Police Officer

Montgomery Police investigators have arrested a sixteen year old Sidney Lanier High School student for trying to kill a police officer.

Police say they're looking for as many as four suspects after an incident early Sunday morning that rocked a local apartment complex.

It started about 2:30 Sunday morning, when two carloads of young people drove up to Amesbury Apartments.

That's when someone awakened a Montgomery Police detective sleeping in his apartment with a phone call, saying the teenagers were trying to break into both his private car and his city vehicle.

Investigators say he got his police weapon and confronted the thieves and they fired at him.

After that, the officer exchanged fire at least two more times with the suspects, and the shots from the suspects' guns hit some of the apartments.

Then, when the thieves tried to drive off, they wrecked both cars.

Police arrested 16 year old LaQuinnton Jones Monday afternoon and charged him with attempted murder.

You won't see his mugshot because investigators say he is also a suspect in several other crimes, and they're using his photo in lineups.

A spokesman says Jones and others will likely face a number of felony charges.

Police are looking for the two suspect vehicles: one is a teal green Mercury Grand Marquis. The other is a 70's era primer gray Chevy Camaro. Both are damaged.

If you have any information, you can always call CrimeStoppers at 215-STOP.

Reporter: Chris Holmes

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