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East Alabama

Police Set Up Lee County DUI Checkpoints

This weekend marks the beginning of "Drunk Driving. Over The Limit. Under Arrest." Police in east Alabama will be setting up checkpoints at various times for the next two weeks to catch drunk drivers. Labor Day weekend is just around the corner, as well as football season.

Officers from the Lee County Sheriff's Office, Auburn Police Department and Opelika Police Department have received government grants to put more officers on patrol during this late travel season.

"Between Auburn, Opelika and Lee County, we received in the neighborhood of $10,000 in overtime funds. That will be enough that we can put a lot of extra officers out doing saturation patrols and checkpoints," said Lt. Will Mathews, Auburn Police Department.

Officers are not only looking for drunk drivers and fastened seat belts, but they're handing out teddy bears to kids with an important anti-drinking message. Parents like Lisa McClendon are thankful they're paying close attention to younger people.

"I've got two teenage drivers, and they're really paying attention to it this week, also. Not just this week, but it's going to last forever," said McClendon.

Last year, Alabama had more than 7,500 alcohol-related accidents. That's an increase of 500 from two years ago.

"The national average for traffic fatalities went down this past year, but the statistics for Alabama went up. The Department of Public Safety and all the local sheriff's departments and police departments are going to do what we can to get that number back down," Mathews said.

Friday's checkpoint was just a warning, but until the end of the Labor Day weekend, every checkpoint they'll be writing tickets and placing people under arrest for drinking and driving and not buckling up. The best thing to do is to stay safe and obey the law.

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