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Menu Foods Responds to Concerns About Special Kitty Cat Food

 A WSFA 12 News update concerning the questions surrounding recalled cat food.  We first reported Wednesday a local woman found what she believed was some of the recalled Special Kitty brand cat food on the shelves at a Montgomery Wal-Mart.  The original product codes were covered with a new sticker and a different code. 

  After her story, many of you called WSFA 12 news expressing your concern. Today, we have some answers for you. We heard back from Menu Foods, the company that makes Special Kitty cat food in the pouches. A company official assures us the food is safe for pets to eat.

Menu Foods recalled 60 million containers of contaminated pet food.  The company tells WSFA 12 News that all of the "tainted" food is off store shelves.

"We replaced that with new product that was made long after we removed the contaminated ingredient from China from production. "

 Company spokesman Randall Copeland says that in an effort to get back in business and provide a safe product to its customers, the Menu Foods put a sticker with a new product code over the original product code. Copeland went on to say, "many will have a UPC attached over the old UPC to deliniate that this is a new product."

 The company confirmed the old code is on the recall list, but says the food inside is safe. There are a couple of ways to check. First, look at the production date.  Plus, all of the food manufactured after the recall has "QA OK" - meaning quality assured okay -  on the pouch.

"There are multiple ways the consumer can be sure they are getting a safe product", Copeland said.

Menu Foods estimates the recall cost the company around 45 million dollars.

  Special Kitty Cat Food is not the only pet food with the laminated labels over the old label. There are several brands of pet food, including some dog food - that have the new labels.  Menu Foods has a list of the recalled items with the production dates and product code numbers listed on its website.  You can click on the link located at the top of this article.

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