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River Region War Veterans Share War Experiences With Library Of Congress

Robert Hill has a story to tell.

"I was in 8 major operations," said Hill.

8 major operations that took place 64 years ago for Hill, the front lines of World War 2 in the South Pacific. A mere kid back then, he grew up in a hurry.

"My duty along with some guys in the boat was to pick up the wounded and the dead," Hill said.

This is something Robert Hill will share when he's formally interviewed next Wednesday, November 7th, a few days before Veterans Day. This is all part of the Veterans History Project, started by Congress 7 years ago. The war stories will eventually be catalogued by the Library of Congress so future generations will learn about the sacrifices on the battlefields far away. In Montgomery Robert Hill be interviewed by Sherry Hill who just happens to be his daughter-in-law.

"Everybody's story is important," said Sherry Hill.

Sherry Hill runs a court reporting school, a logical method to interview veterans and collect stories along with a handful of memories.

"I'm sure there will be some emotional, traumatic sessions. It's important to know the sacrifices that were made," said Hill.

Robert Hill couldn't agree more. In fact:

"There are so many people today that don't know we went to war," Mr. Hill said.

Well, we did have a war, several of them down through the years, and the Veterans History Project encourages all war veterans to share their stories from the first world war to the current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"Wartime.. if you've never experienced it you can't possibly fathom the toll it took on them," Sherry Hill said.

Hill says the National Court Reporting Association is partnering with the Library of Congress to gather war stories.

In addition to giving a oral history, veterans may also submit photographs, home movies and diaries. So far 12 veterans have signed up to share their stories with Sherry Hill. Robert Hill, of course, is among them. Today, he is 81 years old and in a few days, this former Navy man plans to tell the whole story about how he fought on the bloody beaches and survived.

If you're a war veteran and you want to share your war story, give Sherry Hill a call at the Prince Institute in east Montgomery at 334-271-1670.

Reporter: Bryan Henry


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