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John Shryock

John Shryock (pronounced Sh-rye-ock) is a 2006 graduate of Auburn University and the primary web producer for WSFA.COM.

John wanted a career in television news from an early age. Seeing the "TV Switch of '96" in the Birmingham television market sparked his curiousity and he was hooked.

When he interned at WSFA 12 News the final semester of his senior year at Auburn, he naturally assumed he would end up as an on-air reporter somewhere. Family members still ask him if he's on camera yet, but for the moment the answer is "no", at least for the time being. 

After being hired on as a production assistant following graduation, John took an interest in the station's website. In between shows you could find him tinkering with different sections of the site, trying to tweek and improve things. (John admits to being a  'details man'.)

With time, the position of Internet Content Manager opened and he quickly applied for the job. Since September, 2007 John has made it his mission to make WSFA.COM 'the' place for current news in the River Region.

He says he enjoys the rapid pace of the TV newsroom, while not being tied down by the news' time constrants. (If it was a 20-second story on-air, John will find a way to expand it online beit poll questions, webextra videos or additional facts that didn't make air!)

When he's not working on the website, which he says is rarely, John enjoys surfing the net, hanging out with friends and finding new hobbies to pass the time.

If you ever have questions about WSFA.COM John is your go-to guy.

You may email him at JSHRYOCK@WSFA.COM

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