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Could Kitchen Clutter Make You Fat?

Tempting foods and office snacks and just not enough time to hit the gym.

They're all dieting roadblocks, but could it be your house that's to blame when you just can't drop those extra pounds?

More specifically, could your kitchen be making you fat?

We're not talking about food here, we talking about clutter.

Believe it or not, studies show a cluttered kitchen can make you fat.

"Papers absolutely not. Papers will not make you fat." Iit may sound absurd! but guess what, a kitchen with papers everywhere, and junk stacked high on the countertops can actually increase your chances of putting on the pounds.

Dough Faith understands the concept. She says, "You know just clutter around you can make you crazy sometimes."

And that's exactly the point. A disorganized kitchen can cause undue stress.

Nutritional Health Counselor Donna Butler says, "Stress induces the hormone cortisol. It's like a domino affect. Cortisol elevates your blood sugar levels, therefore insulin is produced to help regulate your blood sugar."

That, inturn, makes you hungry.

Studies show that organizing your kitchen, cleaning out your closets, or tidying your office may improve your health because they lowers the stress factor.

And that's not all. Research also indicates that people who are controlled, methodical and disciplined do better with their diets.

Erinn Rinn recently lost 30 pounds by eating right and exercising. She doesn't think clutter has anything to do with your weight saying, "You can gain weight by having a completely organized kitchen with bad food in it."

Butler says that's why having healthy food choices in your fridge and in your pantry certainly helps when those clutter cravings strike.


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