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Controversial College Rumor Mill Website

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A screen shot of the website Juicy where students can post rumors about other students. A screen shot of the website Juicy where students can post rumors about other students.

There's a controversial new web site that some say is taking free speech too far.

The topics on the site involve everything from sports to sex, and it's creating so much conversation that some people are wondering if it should be banned.

The Web site,, is a computerized gossip exchange that promises to always be anonymous and always juicy.

While many in the public may have never seen it, many college students know all about it.

A lot of the subjects are racy, but the fact that people's names are used is what is creating the commotion.

"If you're the person that has 100 wall posts about how fat, or ugly, or how stupid you are, you're not really going to like it," said student Meaghan Wilson.

Students said this isn't just about them.

"It speaks to a much larger issue of holding each other accountable and being civil to each other. That's where the issue is," said Cara Bilotta of Vanderbilt University Student Government.

Besides Vanderbilt University, the Web site promotes conversations on many other campuses, including Auburn University, Emory and Harvard.

Students said what's written on the site can impact everyone since many employers do online searches about potential employees.

"I can't imagine that if they go to Juicy Campus and see some of these awful things that are written about people that are untrue," said Bilotta.

The student government at Vanderbilt has written a letter to students urging them to stay away from the site.

"We should care about each other whether if your 80 or 20 so. I know if like my grandmother saw this Web site and saw something written about me, she'd be very enraged about it," said Wilson.

The Web site has been active since August 2007.

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