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Auburn University Theatre Banner Causing Controversy

Picture By: WSFA 12 Jeff Harrison Picture By: WSFA 12 Jeff Harrison

One word is turning a lot of heads and drawing much controversy. "I think it is dramatic," says Joseph Ansell, Interim Dean for Auburn University's Department of Liberal Arts.

The theatre department is promoting "The best little whorehouse in Texas" by hanging a banner on the theatre. It reads "Whorehouse coming fall 2005." Ansell says, "Given where we are and the fact there is a lack of support for the arts in the region and certainly on this campus, getting people to pay attention is important."

People are paying attention, but it's not flying over well with some. "Ii am not real thrilled with the sign," says Paul Przyborski's.

Przyborski's grandson is one of hundreds of high school students attending camp at Auburn. Whorehouse is not a word he's ready two define for his grandson. He says, "At some time in his life he will need to be exposed to it, but it is not something you would expect to find on a sunny summer afternoon here at Auburn University."

The Theatre Department says the sign is staying put. It adds the sign doing exactly what the Theatre Department wanted it to, getting attention. "It's not a curse word, it's not insulting a specific individual," says Ansell.

Auburn University Theatre's production of the Tony Award winning play starts September 27.

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