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Only On 12: Autauga County Murder Victim's Husband Talks

Jeff Lasserre has had two years to wonder who would kill his wife of 3 years and why.

"I just gotta know why. I can't see why anybody would do that to another human being," Lasserre said.

The secret lies in the woods of Autauga County Road 1 North, some 20 miles from Prattville. This is where investigators from a helicopter found Patricia Lasserre's body next to her white suburban. Lasserre was on her way home from her job at the Wal-Mart in Clanton two years ago tonight.

"She wasn't robbed. She wasn't assaulted. The only thing they took was her life," said Jeff Lasserre.

With no witnesses the main investigator in the case says he quite frankly doesn't know if this was a random act of violence or whether this was some sort of personal vendetta.

"The family is still saying they don't think she would stop and pick up a stranger," said Captain Joe Sedinger.

"I'm not thinking random. This looks like rage or vendetta but I can't imagine what she could have done to anger someone," Jeff Lasserre said.

By all accounts Patricia Lasserre was a kind person, strickened with a minor stroke 10 months before she was murdered but still able to work and drive.

"It doesn't make sense," said Lasserre.

As with any case like this authorities must go through the process of eliminating suspects and that includes the spouse. In this case, Jeff Lasserre. Lasserre says he was thoroughly questioned but not offended.

"I understood why they had to eliminate me. Why it took so long to eliminate me I couldn't figure that out," said Lasserre.

No leads, no suspects, nothing yet to solve Autauga County's only unsolved murder. But Jeff Lasserre thinks about the killer. He hasn't decided how he'll feel or what he'll do if and when justice arrives.

"I'd like to keep him alive and every Christmas I can bring my grandchildren and they can't explain to them why they don't have a grandmother or do I want them completely out of the picture? I don't know," said Lasserre.

An autopsy showed that the 53-year old Patricia Lasserre was strangled with a rope. That rope was never found. Lasserre died only about 5 miles from her home.

Reporter: Bryan Henry


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