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New Guns for Montgomery Police

new Glock pistol new Glock pistol

Montgomery police unveiled new pistols for their officers Thursday. The pistols will replace the department's an aging supply. Police also brought out the 'big guns' -- brand new semi-automatic rifles for use against the most heavily armed criminals.

The department had a limited number of the AR-15 rifles until recently. Now, officers say you can expect one in every patrol car. They showed off several high-powered weapons confiscated from criminals as a reason for the purchase.

"The average citizen will not see this weapon. It's only brought out when it's needed," explained Maj. Greg Hardy.

The department also announced the purchase of 500 new Glock pistols, which will replace the 10-year-old '96 Beretta. The Beretta model is no longer manufactured and is therefore more difficult to service.

The Glocks are available in two sizes to fit officers hands. The department considers them more powerful, able to hold more rounds, and more durable than its Beretta predecessor.

"It'll take a beating. You can throw it down. Nobody can compare with the structural integrity of the weapon," Maj. Hardy said.

Police are trading in the old Berettas, so they can get a better deal on the Glocks. The total cost is around $159,000. 

The weapons are expected to arrive in the coming weeks. Officers will be trained on the new guns before they're issued.

Reporter: Mark Bullock

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