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Information on Children and Sexual Assault

  • Child Sexual Abuse Fact Sheet

    Wednesday, March 21 2001 1:31 AM EDT2001-03-21 06:31:30 GMT
    Twenty-nine percent of female rape victims in America were younger than eleven when they were raped More >>
  • Child Sexual Abuse Q&A for Middle School Children

    Wednesday, March 21 2001 2:21 AM EDT2001-03-21 07:21:07 GMT
    Questions, Answers, and Examples of Sexual Abuse for Middle School children.More >>
  • Grades K-5, Sexual Assault Safety Tips

    Wednesday, March 21 2001 1:58 AM EDT2001-03-21 06:58:21 GMT
    Most grown-ups are nice to kids and care about what happens to them. But every now and then there are grown-ups who try to touch a child in a way that is not okay. It might be a person the child knows and trusts, like a relative, teacher or neighbor. There are a few things you should know that can help a child. More >>
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