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  • Facial Rejuvenation

    Facial Rejuvenation

    Dr. Wohlman offers a wide range of facial rejuvenation therapies.
    Services include: Botox/Fillers (Wrinkle reduction, frown lines, fillers, Restylane/Juvederm/Perlane, Radiesse), Vibraderm Microdermabrasion, Mesolift/Mesoglow, Chemical Peels (Glycolic Peel, VI Peel, Vitalize Peel), MicroLaser Peel, Profractional, Ablative and Fractional Laser Resurfacing
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  • Skin Tightening

    Skin Tightening

    Today, you have vast options when it comes to tightening your skin, and you don't have to have surgery performed to do it!
    Services include: Thermage (Body & Face), SkinTyte, Titan, Ablative and Fractional Laser Resurfacing, Cellulite Reduction and Body Contouring
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  • Improving Skin Texture

    Improving Skin Texture

    Are you unhappy with the texture of your skin? With Dr. Wohlman's help, you can change it.
    Services include: Medical Grade Skincare, Vibraderm Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels-(Glycolic Peel, VI Peel, Vitalize Peel), Laser Genesis, MicroLaser Peel, Cellulite Reduction and Body Contouring
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  • Enhancements


    Enhancing your skin and body has never been easier, or safer. Learn more about your options here.
    Services include: Medical Grade Skin Care, Facials, Vibraderm Microdermabrasion, Fillers-(Restylane/Juvederm/Perlane, Radiesse), Botox
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  • Laser Specialty Procedures

    Laser Specialty Procedures

    Dr. Wohlman's office houses the most advanced lasers in Central Alabama, and can address your special needs.
    Services include: Tattoo Removal, BBL - Sunspots and Freckles, Spider Vein Removal, Varicose Vein Removal, Laser Hair Removal, Scar Revision and Stretch Mark Reduction
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  • Specialty Medical Services

    Specialty Medical Services

    Dr. Wohlman's unique medical practice includes the following services.
    Services include: Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, Menopause, Andropause ("Male Menopause"), Nutritional Counseling & Supplements, Weight Management, Medical Acupuncture - Myofacial Acupuncture
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