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Welcome to Montgomery Cancer Center
Now celebrating its 20th year, Montgomery Cancer Center combines experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate staff with state-of-the-art technology and treatment. Montgomery Cancer Center is one of the largest freestanding centers in the United States, with a reputation for quality care that extends outside Alabama.

Its team of physicians and health professionals offers the very latest and most effective treatments for cancer and blood diseases, and continuously updates its training. Doctors at the Center regularly consult with a nationwide network of other physicians.

Montgomery Cancer Center was among the first outpatient facilities of its kind, performing cancer care in a physician office setting, offering the convenience of modern cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment.

Montgomery Cancer Center has two subsidiaries, located at the main center site: Montgomery Breast Center and Carmichael Imaging.

Although cancer is a serious illness, Montgomery Cancer Center can significantly improve comfort and outcomes through the types of treatments and services one might expect only in a major city. A leader in oncology and imaging, the Center is committed to focused, compassionate care for patients and their families.

Medical Oncology
Montgomery Cancer Center provides a full range of medical oncology services for its patients, including chemotherapy and immunology. Patients work closely with their physician to customize a therapy that will work best for them, often employing several methods of addressing the cancer at the same time.

The center’s chemotherapies use the latest and most effective drugs to kill cancer cells. Different from surgery or radiation therapy, chemotherapy sends cancer-fighting drugs that circulate in the bloodstream to distant parts of the body where the cancer may have spread. Because it can eliminate cancer cells distant from the original site, chemotherapy is considered a systemic treatment.

Many side effects once associated with chemotherapy are now easily prevented or controlled, allowing many people receiving treatment to work, travel, and participate in many of their other normal activities.

Montgomery Cancer Center also offers immunotherapy, where the body’s own immune system is used to kill cancer cells. Types of this therapy include interferon, interleukin, monoclonal antibodies, colony stimulating factors (cytokines), and vaccines.

All Montgomery Cancer Center’s treatments are patient-focused. Physicians and staff are experienced and skilled in the development and administration of individualized, effective chemotherapies and immunotherapies.

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Radiation Oncology
Montgomery Cancer Center also offers radiation oncology services to its patients. Treatment may vary depending upon the type of cancer, the stage of cancer, and the goal of treatment. Depending on the patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan, radiation therapy is often used in conjunction with other therapies such as surgery or chemotherapy to provide the most complete and effective treatment. In cases where a patient would be best served through a clinical trial or experimental treatment, the center’s physicians will consult with its contacts at major research facilities to arrange for the treatment.

Radiation therapy, unlike chemotherapy, is a local treatment, using high-energy beams to damage the DNA in targeted cancer cells. This prevents them from reproducing and growing, so the cancer cells die and the cancer shrinks. The objective is to kill enough cancer cells to maximize the probability of cure while minimizing side effects.

Montgomery Cancer Center has radiation oncologists on staff with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field.

Meet Our Doctors
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