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  • Adding Physical Activity to Your Life

    Stage 1: Not Ready for Change

    Stage 1: Not Ready for Change

    Even with the hype of the Olympic Games, you may not believe you are ready for a change in physical activity right now.  Maybe you've tried getting fit in the past and had no success.  This is a good time to consider the pros, and the cons, of becoming more active.More >>
  • Stage 2: Thinking About Change

    Stage 2: Thinking About Change

    So, you are thinking about becoming physically as the Olympics draw near! Imagining yourself involved in physical activity is the first step in adopting a healthier lifestyle. You assessed the benefits of engaging in physical activity, and you determined your barriers to success. Congratulations! You have taken some important steps, and now it is time to continue down the road to becoming more physically active. More >>
  • Stage 3: Preparing for Action

    Stage 3: Preparing for Action

    Whether you've decided to start being physically active now or you would like to be physically active on a more consistent basis, congratulations! You have taken an important step by focusing on future goals. Now, it's time to take action. More >>
  • Stage 4: Taking Action

    Stage 4: Taking Action

    At this stage, you've been busy the last few months planning and becoming physically active on a regular basis. You have made important decisions and are working to make changes in your life. Way to go! A large part of your plan is in action and you are making physical activity an important part of your life. More >>
  • Stage 5: Maintaining a Good Thing

    Stage 5: Maintaining a Good Thing

    Regular physical activity has become a part of who you are. You have kept the commitment to include activity in your everyday life and are a source of encouragement to others. The benefits of good health are important to you. The steps you've taken have been major and now you are physically active on 5 or more days of the week. Congratulations! More >>
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