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  • What RMC Can Offer You

    What RMC Can Offer You

    Thursday, March 31 2005 1:44 PM EDT2005-03-31 18:44:55 GMT
    Unlike a lot of companies, we’re not trying to finance you car or to sell you a safety deposit box. At Residential Mortgage, all we do is residential mortgages, so we have to do it right. Since 1994. More >>
  • The Mortgage Process

    The Mortgage Process

    Thursday, March 31 2005 1:45 PM EDT2005-03-31 18:45:17 GMT
    The steps in the mortgage process are: 1. Decide on the lender or broker you wish to use. 2. Gather your financial data 3. Meet with your lender representative, or contact their telephone bankingMore >>
  • Financing Alternatives

    Financing Alternatives

    Thursday, March 31 2005 1:45 PM EDT2005-03-31 18:45:49 GMT
    Some of the many financing programs available through Residential Mortgage Corporation. VA FHA Conventional Jumbo 100% Financing 95% no PMI Programs 2nd Homes (95%) Cash Out RefinancingMore >>
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