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Superintendent Carlinda Purcell Resigns

Montgomery County School Superintendent Dr. Carlinda Purcell is now looking for a new job.  As of 12:00am Friday Purcell is unemployed. As you may have saw live on WSFA 12, the Montgomery County School Board accepted Purcell's controversial resignation around 6:45 Thursday night.

The resignation vote  of 5 to 2 comes about 3 weeks after several board members sent a letter to Purcell asking her to resign.

Over the last 2 weeks, board members Tommie Miller and Dave Borden have been in mediation with Purcell to end her employment. Late Thursday, the two sides reached a deal.

At that point, Purcell addressed the media. Purcell said, "Some people have called me crazy. I'm not one to be caught up in political snippings. It is counter productive. I only asked the board for the support to effect change and improve student performance. "

Now that Dr. Purcell is on her way out, the Montgomery County Board of Education and the taxpayers are going to have to pay up.

The vote itself was controversial, but the money the board is going to have to pay out to Purcell is also a cause for concern.

Board member, Henry Spears, said before the vote that, "I think it's an unwise move that this board is making. It represents an expenditure of money that we substantially need."

The expenditure the school board is paying to get rid of Purcell comes to almost a quarter of a million dollars. WSFA 12 News has learned, she will receive $56,000 for the benefits she's earned, but has not taken like vacation and leave pay.

Purcell will also receive a year's base salary which is more than $155,000, and she gets an extra $68,400. 

Board Chairman, Dave Borden addressed the money issue during the meeting.

Borden said, "That amount is an amount we have agreed to pay her for just a whole series of things like relocation, job placement." 

The total comes to more than $279,000 and there is more. The board has also agreed to buy her house which is appraised at $327,500, but the board says it plans to sell it and get that money back. 

Purcell has until September 30th to move out of her home. However, Purcell did not get a chance to hear all of the discussion.  That is because her seat remained empty the whole evening.

Some board members who voted against her say this ordeal has been painful.

Mary Briers tells WSFA 12 News, "What really hurt me the most was the fact that I've been in this city for forty nine years and I've had people to turn on me because of my personal opinion and that hurt me more than anything for a person they had only known less than two years."  

The school board also named a temporary replacement for Purcell until an interim superintendent is appointed. Her replacement is the second person in command in the school system. Linda Robinson will keep her title Chief of Staff.

The board plans to meet September 5th to name the interim superintendent.

Reporter: Eileen Jones

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