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Groundbreaking of Johnnie Carr Middle School

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- In the education report Thursday, an historic groundbreaking for a new school!

Montgomery school officials broke ground on the new $21 Million Johnnie R. Carr Middle School Thursday morning.

The school will be built on a site near Blount Elementary School on Ray Thorington Road and will house some 800 students.

Superintendent John Dilworth says it's an honor to build this school in Mrs. Carr's namesake.

"Her spirit was powerful," Diworth recalls, "She gave me a hug that I will never forget. I liken it to being a hug of my first grade teacher when I was starting school for the first time and missed my mom."

Mrs. Carr passed away on February 29.

The Montgomery Public School Board voted just two months later to name their new school in her honor.

"Mrs. Carr was devoted to young people and a fixture in our schools," said MPS Superintendent John Dilworth in his recommendation to the board back in April. "She worked with students to help them understand the importance of staying in school, staying off drugs, and becoming active and productive members of our community."

She called Civil Rights pioneer Rosa Parks a childhood friend, but was a major icon of the movement in her own right, remaining in her post as President of the Montgomery Improvement Association until her death.

Mrs. Carr's son, Arlam, was humble at the ceremony saying, " It's not so much about the name  on the building, but about what goes on inside, and for them [the students] to get the highest level of education they can be...and taught the the things that will take them further on in life."

Arlam Carr says that is what his mother would want.

Students will get access to their new school when it's completed in August of 2009.

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