Editorial: Angel Tree 2018

WSFA 12 News has worked with the Salvation Army over the years and our employees have done their part to bring holiday cheer to these less fortunate children.

  Editorial: Where is the Outcry?

Newsweek barely reported a couple of weeks ago former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton cracked a joke about former Attorney General Eric Holder and current Democratic New Jersey Senator Cory Booker looking alike after her interviewer confused the two.

Guest Editorial: 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day

One century ago this month, Alabamians and troops from nations around the globe were engaged in the final weeks of World War I, the largest conflict the world had ever seen.

Guest Editorial: Live United!

Normally, I’d be speaking to you about the River Region United Way’s annual campaign.

Editorial: The Caravan

As the caravan of South American citizens nears our border I wonder: what is the intent upon arrival?

Editorial: Highlights of the Museum

Every now and then I find it necessary to remind folks about the wonderful treasures we have here in Montgomery.

Guest Editorial: World Polio Day

Rotarians came to Montgomery from around the world and the US to educate and celebrate.

Guest Editorial: Envision Montgomery 2040

Our City stands at a crossroads, and October 25 is our chance to build a brighter future for the Capital of Dreams by coming together with our neighbors, near and far, to lay the foundation for decades of growth and prosperity.

Guest Editorial: Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Globally, the cost of cybercrime for 2017 was estimated between $450 and 600 billion, as much or more than the entire global drug trade.

Editorial: Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael has come and gone, but his destruction to property and to lives will be felt and remembered for years to come.

Guest Editorial: Bullying

There is no substitute for the value of a good education. However, students cannot learn when they do not feel safe.

  Editorial: Every Beautiful Thing

If you have not yet heard, the Alabama Shakespeare Festival has a new line up for 2018-19. It is quite ambitious as there will be 14 productions presented.

Editorial: Nightly News Live from Montgomery!

All of us at WSFA are thrilled to announce that NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt will be paying us a visit here in Montgomery.

Editorial: Kavanaugh, Ford, This Country

I was reluctant to comment on the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination, but alas, there is little much being talked about at this time.

Guest Editorial: Thank You, Sanitation Workers

Thank you. Two words that we often fail to say but can make a lasting impact.

Editorial: WSFA Thanks You!

Our viewers continue to astound me with their generosity.

Guest Editorial: Taste of the River Region

I’m Jessica Anderson with the Junior League of Montgomery, and we’d like to invite you to party with a purpose at the Taste of the River Region this Sunday.

Editorial: Hurricane Florence

If there is a positive that comes out of these types of natural disasters it would be how everyone comes together as a community.

Guest Editorial: Montgomery Area Food Bank

Throughout the Feeding America Network, September is recognized as “Hunger Action Month”.

Editorial: Mr. President editorial follow up

About a week ago I did an editorial where I stated our President need not respond to people like Omorosa...

Guest Editorial: Behavioral health is essential to overall health

This September we celebrate Recovery Month, it's annual event, but one we can encourage and observe every day.

Guest Editorial: Animal cruelty and violence against people

A repeat criminal offender who was convicted of murdering a 6-year-old boy, as well as of the attempted murder of his stepson, will never be able to walk the streets of Montgomery again.

Editorial: Heaven help us

What has become of our community when a high school football game abruptly ends due to gunfire.

Editorial: Please Mr. President...stop!

Since stepping into the political spotlight, Donald Trump has utilized the media and social media to his benefit.

Editorial: Mayor Strange talks special election

I'm Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange. Our city's role in the fight for voting rights is widely known.

Editorial: Build the wall but...

Many do not like the chant "Build the Wall". This chant is in support of a border wall built along the Mexico U.S. borders.

Editorial: Oh rats!

If you think we have to deal with some ridiculous things in this country listen to this.

Editorial: Family of the Year Awards

WSFA 12 News is a proud media partner with the Family Guidance Center of Alabama and the Family of the Year Award.

Editorial: There should be no debate about debate

The big talk right now is centered around a debate between Republican Gov. Kay Ivey and Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Walt Maddox.

Editorial: Time to put the devices down

So, the much better half and I were out to dinner the other night and noticed a rather disappointing sign of the times.

Editorial: Bravo Stars on the Riverfront

So, the other night the bride and I ventured downtown to the Riverwalk Amphitheater.

  Guest Editorial: School attendance matters

Nelson Mandela once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Editorial: Hatred is destroying us

Let's face it. Our president has caused some people in this country to express their anger in ways I never thought possible.

Editorial: No child left behind

According to NoHeatstroke.org, 769 children have died in this country due to pediatric vehicular heatstroke since 1998.

Editorial: Millennials are not laughing

This coming Saturday, the Montgomery Biscuits will be in town taking on the Mississippi Braves and the theme for the game is Millennial Night.

Editorial: Thumbs up Thursday

Fifty-nine law enforcement officers have lost their lives this year alone in the line of duty.  We as a community need to let them know they are not in this alone. WSFA is partnering with Concerned Citizens Organized for Police Support, or CCOPS for short, to address the relationship between our citizens and law enforcement.  CCOPS has three primary goals:  Develop interaction between the citizens and police, Inform our citizens of the job and sacrifices that these de...

Editorial: Domestic violence in the River Region

By now you have seen the horrible story out of Elmore County

Editorial: Happy Fourth of July!

242 years ago, on July fourth, 1776, members of the second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia and adopted the final draft of the Declaration of Independence proclaiming sovereignty from Great Britain.

Guest Editorial: Support MPS

By now, you've heard about the recent Advance ED report regarding Montgomery Public Schools.

Editorial: The race is on

News 8 in Hartford Connecticut presented a story about Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood and how they dominated the competition at Connecticut's girls track and field state championships.

Editorial: MPS, we are this close!

Montgomery took a dramatic step forward last Tuesday in letting the children and teachers of our public-school system know that help is on the way.