Covering Dallas County: Criminal justice facility groundbreaking

Selma, Ala. (WSFA) -- The state will have a new up to date facility to train those who work to keep our families safe.

Officials held the groundbreaking ceremonies for the new Alabama Criminal Justice Training Center on Friday.  The new facility will have two new classroom buildings, two new dorms, a cafeteria, a gym and most of all state of the art equipment and technology.

Colonel Chris Murphy with the Department of Public Safety said, "I told the architects I want this wow factor when you go in you go wow this is beautiful but not fluff."

"The lights will work. The air conditioner will work. The heat will work. The water will work. The roof's won't leak. It'll be a modern facility that will make training better, " said Richard Allen with the state Department of Corrections.

The new training center will be located on the campus of Wallace Community College in Selma.