Editorial: Feedback

Our guest editorial on domestic violence brought this feedback from Faye Forbus: "Thank you Rose McCall for telling it like it is.  No one who has to prove a point by violence truly loves you."

Tish MacInnis responded to our editorial on volunteer support: "As a staff person with the local Montgomery Habitat for Humanity, I too applaud the community for the way it has and will always support our mission of providing adequate, affordable housing.  This is a task that could not be accomplished without the volunteers that make the dream of home ownership a reality.  The work of Habitat for Humanity had its roots right here in Montgomery and we hope to never lose the legacy began by Millard Fuller and the dream that one day every person not only here in the tri-county area but all over the world will sleep under the roof of adequate shelter."

And Deborah Dennington's response to a guest editorial from Barbara Mays on personal responsibility: "Finally, someone speaks out about what the real problem is with today's children. No discipline at home.  No discipline at school.  Wake up people!  Stop having babies and then depend on day cares, schools and grandmothers to raise your children. Take responsibility for your actions.  If you bring an innocent child into this world, raise that child.  Do not rely on others to raise your child for you.  You be the adult for a change!  Step up to the plate and be parents.  Get involved in your children's lives.  Teach them and train them not only to respect but to be respected.  Teach them discipline and morals.  You would be amazed at how good it makes you feel when you get positive comments about your children from others."

We appreciate all of your feedback.