Parents worried about bar opening up next to childcare facility

A Georgia bar owner wants to open up a location in Auburn, but the location has some parents upset.  The building he's picked is next to a daycare center.  In fact, it's less than four feet from the childcare building.  Parents at Hardey's Creative Center say the decision could put their children in danger.  Parents are worried about cigarette butts, broken beer bottles all the things they say are associated with a college bar.  "This is just not the place to do it, we would not be having this discussion if he was talking about putting a bar next door to a school and this is a school," says parent Beth Guertal.  "He's an absentee owner, he will have workers, but he will not be able to police and do what he promises to do," says daycare owner Martha Hardey.

The potential bar owner says he plans to take every step to make sure both businesses can co-exist and be successful.  The planning commission has approved the request to locate the bar next door to the daycare.  Now it's up to the city council to decide the issue on March 23rd.