Wiregrass Newsroom: Loved ones hope for closure from final funeral

Samson, AL (WSFA) -- It's a familiar scene in Samson--loved ones gathering to mourn loved ones lost. But Bruce Malloy's funeral is the last one family and friends will attend under the shadow of last week's deadly shooting rampage through Geneva county. Residents say the funerals were a chance to unite.

"I think we'll look back and remember how we came together in a time of need.  I think we're going to be an example probably for our whole nation," says Samson resident, Barbara Hamic.

As the funeral services come to an end, many hope it's a chance for closure, while some say, the toughest days are yet to come.

"After the funerals and after everybody's done talking to them and asking them how they feel, and then they're there by themselves, and the person they once loved the most isn't there with them anymore more, that's when it really starts to hit," says Geneva resident, Michele Smith.

But some say it's already hit.

"There seems to be a feeling of emptiness in our town," says Samson Mayor, Clay King.

It's a feeling that's not enough to keep them down.

"You're not going to stop life.  You're not going to stop going out in public or going to Wal-Mart just because this happened," says Smith.

"It's not going to be an easy process. It's going to be a process that takes some time. But we will get through it," says King.

It's a town that's picking up the pieces with each passing day.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney