Jobs of the future

Posted by Mark Bullock - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Unemployed Alabamians everywhere are looking for work. And so are recent college grads.

But what about the up and coming workforce? Soon high school graduates will be faced with a career choice. So WSFA 12 News looked in to the hot jobs of the future.

Janice Patrick is a career services coordinator at Troy University Montgomery. She says as our troops come home, many of them will need specific help. So job seekers should consider this in their studies.

"You've got a lot of the military coming back, who will need rehabilitation counseling, so that is a really big field now," she said.

The nursing shortage is also making nation-wide headlines, and with our aging baby boomers, one particular field will open up even more.

"A lot of them at this point are aging, so geriatric nursing is also a big thing," Patrick pointed out.

She says education is always a top employer, especially special education and higher education.

And while it's good to know which jobs are in demand, Patrick says it's also important to follow your dreams.

"You have to enjoy what you are doing, so whatever you major in, do something that you like, do something that you enjoy."