Editorial: Results

A viewer recently suggested we report on results from our editorials.

Here's a snapshot:

Voters agreed with our endorsements for  Amendment One tapping into the Alabama Trust fund reserve and Amendment Two, enhancing education funding in several school systems statewide.

They also agreed with our endorsements to raise the borrowing limit for attracting business and insuring trust funds for retirees couldn't be tapped for other uses.

Calls to ban legislators and statewide elected officials from working in the state's two year college system and using red light cameras on Montgomery roadways were heeded.

Calls for ethics reform, specifically banning Pac-to-P ac transfers and giving subpoena power to the state ethics commission were not.

Neither were calls to offer incentives for white collar job recruitment and  movie making in Alabama.  But there is still hope for both in this session.

The Alabama Board of Education did listen to our call to restrict selling carbonated drinks in school vending machines but a challenge to merge city and county government fell on deaf ears, as did ways to address the more than 20 billion dollar unfunded liability for state employee health insurance.

Airport issues were addressed as were calls for a domestic violence court and  requirements to be a judge.

We often plead for personal responsibility and  leadership and  applaud  efforts underway now to coach and train new leaders in our community with the first ever Emerge Montgomery Torchbearers' leadership class for young professionals between 20 and 40 years old.

All the best to those who are registering this week for that class to help shape the strategic direction of the River Region - and get more results to the key issues of our community.