Family has pooping ATM machine

When Apex, North Carolina physical therapist Kelley Davis lost $400 that she saved working overtime, she never thought she would get back more "stinking" money than she bargained for.

"I went to pick up the kids from school and go to the bank and could not find the money," Davis said.

She looked everywhere, then realized through the process of "elimination" that her dog Augie had eaten the money.

"Augie and I went for a long walk and sure enough his second deposit we hit gold," Davis said.

Davis went home to hose off the bills which added up to about $60.

"We were so excited every time he had to poop! Just yesterday we think we got most of it back," Davis said.

Now, they have lots of, well, pieces of their $400 bucks.

Daughter Addison Davis said she knows Augie wishes she had just one more bite.

"It looks like Augie wants a buffet," Addison said.

Davis hopes to get the money back in full after her own personal ATM couldn't deliver.

"We're going to send it to the treasurer to see if they can reimburse the cash," Davis said.

As for Augie, he still looks at the hundred dollar bills longingly and the family guesses the meal was worth every penny.

The Davis' said that Augie usually gets yelled at for eating toilet paper and paper towels but eating $400 just gave him lots of attention.